Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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How has everyone been? Shelby and I have been great!

Just a few weeks ago we went to a meeting in Indiana that we were invited to. It was so much fun! :) . The meeting lasted five days and had a bunch of kids from five to eighteen. Shelby and I performed twice every day. And we did four classes with all the youth. I can't believe how much fun it was! Everyone loved our songs and music. By the end of the meeting we had people singing along to our songs.. =) . There was some great speeches given by Pastor Jonathan Harness, Pastor Ed Glasgow, Pastor Thomas Robb, Rachel Pendergraft, and many more wonderfully inspiring speakers. It was definitely worth going to! I believe those kids left that meeting with wisdom, inspiration and had fun too! We came back home feeling like we really reached those kids. I believe we made a difference. The morning we left I didn't want to go. It was exactly what I hoped for it to be.

I believe that there should be many meetings much like that one. Where the focus is on the youth. People need to remember that they are the future and they have to be prepared for the responsibility of spreading the message of White Christian Heritage to all their white brothers and sisters. We need to encourage them and give them the right tools to stay faithful and push on. There needs to be a balance of inspiring speeches, truthful music, and having just plain fun with their white brothers and sisters. We need to keep things fun. We have an amazing heritage to be proud of and we need to teach them why we are proud to be white and have fun at the same time.

Well I'll end this blog by just saying "Be strong Stay proud and Don't back down!"

God Bless,
Charity Pendergraft


whiteLima said...

Hello ladies. My name is Chad and I am a new comer to the knights and to your music. I am in Lima, Ohio; thats about an hour and a half from Ft. Wayne, IN. You girls are very talented and I believe you have an amazing calling to bring our race back together. I have a blog on blogger that i think you might like; it is under whitelima. i have ordered your new CD and am wanting the other one in your store. i just gotr off the phone with Pastor Robb and I deeply believe that the Knights is my calling to bring the whotes in my community back together. I would love for the organization to come to Lima. Your music would be a welcome change to the profanity and violence plagued rap music we are forced to listen to around here. I mean we have rock and country stations, but nothing like your music. I just wanted to tell you that your music is the best i have heard in a while. If you ladies are on myspace I would love for you to add me. Could you possibly e-mail me some other groups that i might find interesting. It would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is Thank you for bring your lovely music to our race and hope to see you perform. God Bless and dont back down from your morals and values. WHITE PRIDE FOREVER

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Anonymous said...

Well i am a memeber of another race and i say what your doing is not totally wrong since we should all love ourselves and where we come from like a mexican loving mexico. As long as you love your race than i have no problem with your message of love and not one of destruction. I like your music and i believe your just speaking what you believe in which is fine considering we live in America where anyone is free to state their opinion. Also as a Christian though i think you guys if you are fellow Christian than you should spread gods message instead of the one of loving your race because in the end though judgement day will come and it is our job as Christians to spread the word of the lord before god arrives.
May god bless you two and your music

Anonymous said...

I love you anonymous, you rock! White people are a minority in the world and it's always been that way. As Russell Peters says, one day everyones going to be a mixture of yellow and brown (as in from India, not from black people, there's over a billion indian people in the world, and over a billion chinese). Bring it on, I can't wait.

I don't wanna port my email in case you send me death threats. So I'm posting as anonymous

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous: Yaaaaay!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You girls are so awesome!!! I just can't get enough of your music. those lyrics, I mean WOW! Great job on getting the word out! btw charity takes my breath away. Is she single? Keep up the great work!!!!

Anonymous said...

I regret to inform you that she is getting hitched in November.

philtrip888 said...

What about Shelby? Does she already have a boyfriend?I'm 18 and think she's the cat's meow!! If she wasn't such a devout christian I would be scared to date her. She is so amazingly pretty and such an awesome example of white people everywhere. You gals keep up the good lords work and keep pumping out those hits. I just don't get how the queers can turn away such beautiful girls such as Shelby. I guess the devil really is strong. Well I'll let ya'll get back to spreading WHITE PRIDE WORLDWIDE now.

Anonymous said...

hello im josh out of indiana and i really apreciate what you girls are doing i was at your last event in pulaski tennesse and you girls sound just as good live as you do on cd and i think you girls are gonna change the heart of people ps thanks for everything great job