Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The link below is an article about our band Heritage Connection. Click HERE . The article was written by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)

I found the article very amusing. I decided I would comment on a few things in the article and I thought that perhaps someone else would find the article funny as well.

First lets look at what this lady feels about our singing ability. "Singing in thin, quavering voices, the sisters cover the standard range of perils facing whites, including race-mixing, ZOG [the Zionist-Occupied Government] and “the great illegal floud" She said we sing in "Thin quavering voices" those who have heard us sing live would agree that our music, lyrics, and vocals are anything but "quavering".

A quick side note is that on the last part of the lyrics below it is actually, "what am I to do" and not "what am I do." Shouldn't the great (I use that term sarcasticly of course) SPLC be better at writing? “Propagandized America” includes the lyrics “When I say white pride worldwide/coming up from deep inside/they say I hate you/what am I do?”

I think that the comment about enchiladas was quite funny."And Charity, who blasts immigrants in “Alien Flood,” reveals her fondness for Mexican cuisine. “We had enchiladas for dinner,” she writes. “Yum! I love Spanish food.” Note that I said "Spanish food" not "Mexican food." People are so silly sometimes. Doesn't she know the difference between Mexican food and Spanish food? Or for that matter the difference between Mexicans and Spaniards? First Spaniards are white and second Mexicans are a mix of indian, white, and negro. I believe she needs to do more research. True native food in Mexico was a mixture of roasted and/or boiled lizard, rat, and boiled root vegetables. No, I'm not trying to be mean, just telling the truth. It took the creativity of the white Spaniards to make the food of "Mexico" edible. My hat is off to the Spaniards.

Well I could comment more on how silly people can be but, I think this enough for now. If anyone has any comments regarding this article we would love to hear from you.

God Bless,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pics of our lives.....

A pic of me In Indiana in a little town close to the youth meeting. If you press a button the old man

Shelby just looking pretty.

A pic of me in the same town.

Shelby and I sing at the youth meeting in Indiana.

Shelby again looking mighty pretty. =)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An update on


How has everyone been? Shelby and I have been great!

Just a few weeks ago we went to a meeting in Indiana that we were invited to. It was so much fun! :) . The meeting lasted five days and had a bunch of kids from five to eighteen. Shelby and I performed twice every day. And we did four classes with all the youth. I can't believe how much fun it was! Everyone loved our songs and music. By the end of the meeting we had people singing along to our songs.. =) . There was some great speeches given by Pastor Jonathan Harness, Pastor Ed Glasgow, Pastor Thomas Robb, Rachel Pendergraft, and many more wonderfully inspiring speakers. It was definitely worth going to! I believe those kids left that meeting with wisdom, inspiration and had fun too! We came back home feeling like we really reached those kids. I believe we made a difference. The morning we left I didn't want to go. It was exactly what I hoped for it to be.

I believe that there should be many meetings much like that one. Where the focus is on the youth. People need to remember that they are the future and they have to be prepared for the responsibility of spreading the message of White Christian Heritage to all their white brothers and sisters. We need to encourage them and give them the right tools to stay faithful and push on. There needs to be a balance of inspiring speeches, truthful music, and having just plain fun with their white brothers and sisters. We need to keep things fun. We have an amazing heritage to be proud of and we need to teach them why we are proud to be white and have fun at the same time.

Well I'll end this blog by just saying "Be strong Stay proud and Don't back down!"

God Bless,
Charity Pendergraft

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A few pics.....

Hello all,

The pics below are some random pics from this month.

A pic of my sister about a week ago at church in the church kitchen.

Me (Charity) in a cool car at the Crawdad festival.

Me in a car taking a Sunday drive.

My sister Shelby being funny. Camping trip last week. White River.

Here is a pic of my Mom (Rachel Pendergraft) and my Grandpa (Thomas Robb) doing an interview with some reporters from Germany.

Well I hope you liked all the pics. See ya later. :)
God Bless,

What's been up with us.


Well today is a beautiful sun-shiney day in the Ozarks. The creek down the road from our house is nice and cold. And there is a slight breeze that felt good when I took a walk today. It's up in the eighty's. So it's starting to get kind of hot.

It's Saturday which means it's the weekend and a great weekend it has been.

Shelby and I have been practicing music a lot for the last week or so.
We have a meeting in Indiana coming up that we have been invited to perform at in just a little over a week. It's a six day long youth meeting. I'm really looking forward to it. We are performing every night, and we are doing four workshops with everyone. The age range for the youth meeting is twenty and below. There is going to be lots of new friends to be made, that's for sure.

I have been having quite a good summer so far. I have been very creative this year. I have written several songs in the last couple months and I feel very hopeful for our movement. Things have been going splendid for me.

Has anyone gone camping yet this summer? Shelby and I have. We went to the White River and camped over a weekend. It's always nice to be in nature. We went fishing, but we didn't catch anything. lol. It was fun.

Well, I hope everyone is doing great as well.