Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The link below is an article about our band Heritage Connection. Click HERE . The article was written by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center)

I found the article very amusing. I decided I would comment on a few things in the article and I thought that perhaps someone else would find the article funny as well.

First lets look at what this lady feels about our singing ability. "Singing in thin, quavering voices, the sisters cover the standard range of perils facing whites, including race-mixing, ZOG [the Zionist-Occupied Government] and “the great illegal floud" She said we sing in "Thin quavering voices" those who have heard us sing live would agree that our music, lyrics, and vocals are anything but "quavering".

A quick side note is that on the last part of the lyrics below it is actually, "what am I to do" and not "what am I do." Shouldn't the great (I use that term sarcasticly of course) SPLC be better at writing? “Propagandized America” includes the lyrics “When I say white pride worldwide/coming up from deep inside/they say I hate you/what am I do?”

I think that the comment about enchiladas was quite funny."And Charity, who blasts immigrants in “Alien Flood,” reveals her fondness for Mexican cuisine. “We had enchiladas for dinner,” she writes. “Yum! I love Spanish food.” Note that I said "Spanish food" not "Mexican food." People are so silly sometimes. Doesn't she know the difference between Mexican food and Spanish food? Or for that matter the difference between Mexicans and Spaniards? First Spaniards are white and second Mexicans are a mix of indian, white, and negro. I believe she needs to do more research. True native food in Mexico was a mixture of roasted and/or boiled lizard, rat, and boiled root vegetables. No, I'm not trying to be mean, just telling the truth. It took the creativity of the white Spaniards to make the food of "Mexico" edible. My hat is off to the Spaniards.

Well I could comment more on how silly people can be but, I think this enough for now. If anyone has any comments regarding this article we would love to hear from you.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Your musics rocks!! but, your beliefs suck.

Celia said...

I have observed that usually when people criticize others on artistic talent, they are jealous.
The jealousy in this case may apply to appearance as well- note the comment about being blond & fair-skinned....

Jacob Masters said...

Charity, Shelby- has anyone told you what SPLC really stands for? Thats Southern Poverty LIE Center! :D

Anonymous said...

so do you and your sister like chocolate charity? because that's definitely not something white people came up with! and tomatoes were thought by european folk to be poisonous when they were first imported from the "new world". you know, the one brown people had been living in for centuries before white people "discovered" it? not to mention corn, potatoes, chiles, and who doesn't love a good tamale with its corn masa wrapping? i have to admit, when you mentioned mommy's enchiladas, i cracked myself up picturing a "yummy" dish of traditional white american food: rolled out wonder bread, mayo, velveeta, and bologna.
i guess you make a decent point about white influence on various cultural food. but just because i put sour cream on my samosas and spicy mango chutney, doesn't make the basic ingredients any less indian in origin. how sad that you can't see the basic irony in the statement that mixing two cultures together-when it comes to food at least-improves on both.

Bob said...

re: how silly people can be. Read
SF Libtard/Anti Quote of the Day (obamatards too).

NCKnight said...

"Your musics rocks!! but, your beliefs suck."

Hey Doofus - their music is BASED ON their beliefs! Make up your mind already!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls. My name is Matt - I'm a 31 year old from IL.

I have always been proud of my Swiss-German heritage, but I think my education at the University of IL (where I got my B.S. degree) imparted a little too much liberal diversity into my thinking.

Your music, and the wholesome beauty of your photos, has really made me think twice about my heritage - and I've realized that I need to go back to being proud.

I wish you both well. I hope this comment finds you well and that it may cheer you up - I'm sure it gets tiresome to read the negative comments that I'm sure you get.

Anonymous said...

There are so many questions I hope your music will help me to find the answers:
-I hate Jews but I love Jesus. But wasn't Jesus a Jew?
-I'm against abortion... even for black people?
- I hate immigrants. But, in that case, shouldn't America belong to native Americans?
I hope your wonderful music will help me to find the answers, as I feel a little lost, now.

Anonymous said...

Du-te departe.

Anonymous said...

lol you guys CAN'T be serious...

Winston Smith said...

Hey, Charity.

So, the $PLC thinks you're a bad person because you don't like Mestizos? Well, do you know how many Mestizos work at the $PLC? NONE! It seems like they don't Mestizos, either. (I guess they don't like them in "good" way.) The $PLC doesn't even have any Negros working for them. So much for diversity.

By the way, I don't think you dislike Mestizos. I'm sure you like them a lot - in Mexico.

And just because you happen to like Mexican food, that doesn't mean you want a bunch of Mexicans living near you. I like the gas I buy at a certain gas station, but that doesn't mean I want the gas station owner to plop down on my living room sofa.

Edward said...

You girls are a spark of hope in these dark times! Thank You and God Bless You!!

To answer one question by the commenter on September 12th, Jesus was NOT a Jew, he was an Assyrian, he said unto the Jews "you are of your father, the Devil!" (some people believe part of the reason they crucified him was for exposing them)

JoshNC said...

Charity, like J.M. said, that was from the Southern Poverty Lie Center. What else would you expect from those snake oil salesmen? Just in case those idiots read my comment, I love MEXICAN food...and I do NOT like Mexicans flooding across the border illegally or otherwise. So there, bite me, SPLC! Heritage Connection rules.

Anonymous said...

Hey girls!

Great job, wonderful singing, beautiful photos. Keep up the good work!

Darek from Poland

Anonymous said...

It's stupid to be proud of being white, just as it's stupid to be proud of being black, or Asian, or any other nationality. Really, did you have anything to do with what family you were born into, or what culture? Be proud of your accomplishments, not some immutable physical characteristics.

Anonymous said...

You girls are very brave and beautiful. It's sad that anytime a white person is proud, liberal extremists have to try and twist it into some kind of hate. Then after making those remarks, they go back to their gated, all-white communities and laugh about how full of crap they are in public.

I wish both of you the best and look forward to seeing more of you. Great music, great lyrics. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

dear shelby and charity keep up the good work through your music. i just recently came to be realy proud of being white. an im sick of being forced to hire folks that dont want to learn english. when we bought our house 10 years ago the neghborhood was 98% white now its 90% hispanic 8% black and were the minority

Anonymous said...

I have a special love for alll races whher in be YELLOW,BLACK,or WHITE=Blondehair,Rosepinkskin,and Blueeyes is generally my favorite.Whilst I disagree with a great deal of your philosophies,you Whitegirls rock.
Caglar Juan Singletary

Anonymous said...

I personally disagree with your beliefs, but I find your songs to be quite catchy. I do hope you continue writing songs and all the best.

-Someone I suppose you would hate as I am "impure".

Jacob said...

"There are so many questions I hope your music will help me to find the answers:
-I hate Jews but I love Jesus. But wasn't Jesus a Jew?
~~~No, Jesus was not a Jew. The so-called "Jews" today admit in their own scholarly works dealing with the antiquity of their people that they are Khazarian, which is a people of a Turkish/Mongoloid stock, who converted en-masse to Judaism in the medieval era. Not that there ever was much good about Judaism, seeing as how it is based on the Babylonian Talmud, which advocates Pedophilia, the wanton killing of "non-gentiles" and teaches that anyone who is not a Jew is lower than an animal, to name some of its more... palatable teachings. :-)

-I'm against abortion... even for black people?
~~~This is a shameless straw man argument. I don't know of, or have even heard of ANYONE in the identity movement who is pro-abortion in any form, or anti-abortion with any exceptions.
I suppose we could, for the time being, forego discussion of the militant black nationalist movement, however, that is by and large unabashedly pro-genocide.

- I hate immigrants. But, in that case, shouldn't America belong to native Americans?
~~~Nor do I know anyone who is anti-illegal immigration who is across the board anti-immigration. So here we already have a misnomer. But assuming Mr. Anonymous here WAS indeed correct, being anti-immigrant by no means automatically constitutes hatred of these immigrants.

I hope your wonderful music will help me to find the answers, as I feel a little lost, now.

September 12, 2009 6:18 AM"
~~~But hey, all in all, schills are fun! So thank you for the grade-school level mental exercise!
If you're not a schill for the SPLC, than you might want to think your comments through a little more before posting them.
"It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." ~I. forget

Jacob said...

The SPLC is a thoroughly discredited and disingenuous organization.
They've been caught in bald faced lies time and time again, and its founder, Morris Dees has been exposed as a vile and perverse criminal.

Visit the website and look up the documentary "Blinded By the Lies" which is an older but excellent expose of Morris Dees and his cronies in the SPLC.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered you through You-tube.
I am enjoying listening to your music. I think your comments on Mexico are right-on! I went to a Mexican eatery the other day and the owners were very "high-caste" (i.e. - Spanish). The young man who waited on me was well-mannered and light-skinned w/light coloured eyes (probably the son or relative of the owners). Not all Mexicans are of mixed race. Some, like these folks are still European! I will give them my business. Yours truly, Ian

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I do not mind you believe what you believe. If it does not limit your potential in life.... more power to you. God loves us all...and Jesus died for all of us so that we might be saved from our sins. We are all brothers and sisters...that will never change. The key is to develop a true relationship with God and His word and not man's opinion or rhetoric.

May God bless you all and may His love reveal to us all the truth...b/c only that will make us all free and break any unecessary mental chains.

2 Timothy 2:15

Anonymous said...

I love you girls, your music rocks and your believes are amazing.

Greetings from Mexico... especially from Toluca.

Aquiles Dejo Esta.