Monday, August 9, 2010

Short update

Hello Everyone!

Sorry we haven't posted here in a while. Life gets so busy sometimes.

My sister and I finished our third CD titled "Rise to the Challenge" back in April and we released it at the 2010 National Faith and Freedom Conference. We got great reviews and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. You can listen to a couple of the songs on our website

Our little brother Andrew has turned into quite the Fiddle/Violin player these past few months. We're very proud of how hard he's been working and will be very excited when he can start playing with us at events and recording music. He's even been working on writing a few songs of his own for Heritage Connection to play. Soon we will be a three person band. :)

I can't help but make note of how many rude comments we get about that really old post where my sister mentions us eating enchiladas. It's so funny that people come to our website and start cussing us out because we like to eat enchiladas sometimes! If only those people knew how much their comments make us laugh. Get real people! Just because we like to eat enchiladas doesn't mean we want a bunch of illegal aliens coming over here from Mexico!

Thank you for reading this short update and we hope that everyone is good and staying cool in this super hot summer! Don't forget to help support our band by purchasing our CD's or telling other people about our music! Everything little bit helps. :)

Stay White and Proud and don't let everyone put you down for it!
God Bless,

P.S. Check out these great web shows Youth Focus, The Andrew Show, The White Women's Perspective and the Global Minority Report at


Jacob said...

As if you're not busy enough checking online profiles already, I still need get with you about y'alls profile on truthtv. :-)

Jacob said...

Ever notice how it's the people who really have nothing to say, that can never seem to "speak and remove all doubt?"

As if y'all aren't busy enough already, I do still need to speak with you about your account on truthtv. :-)

Anonymous said...

Enchiladas. I agree with your defence about eating them. I like food and recipes that originate from across the nations as well as in my home country etc I may not want foreign races/people living in my land. That doesn't mean I reject everything that other races have created or produced just for the sake of it. That attitude is just plain silly. I want white people to survive, florish and regain control. If one adopted an attitude of rejecting everything from other cultures we'd not eat bread etc
Jonathan Hess