Friday, January 11, 2008



Hope everyone is doing well.
Today Charity and I volunteered at The Knights Party office. Today there were a couple of other teens there which made it even more fun.

We have been excericing every morning trying to stay healthy. We did aerobics today and yesterday we did strength training during our home school p.e. class.

Charity and I have been working on our music for church this week. We plan on singing "Rock of Ages" and "Shall we gather at the River". But you never know - we might change them at the last minute! lol. :)

Did you watch the Republican debate last night? Ron Paul did an outstanding job with an impressive 33%. It sounded like a lot of applause in the audience for his comments. But do the news commentators have anything good to say? No! They don't like him because he's a "constitutionalist". Since when was it wrong to stand up for the Constitution? He was supposed to be allowed in the New Hampshire debate if he got double digits in Iowa. Well, he did - but they still didn't let him debate. Its pretty unfair!

Well, we are also working on displays for the White Christian Heritage Festival. It doesn't come around until October - but we want to add 6-8 more exhibits. Its really fun working on the displays. We are working on one about illegal immigration right now.

Tomorrow we go shopping with our Christmas gift cards. I hope there are lots of things on sale. Too bad the JC Penney's where we go is starting to look like a Mexican recruiting station!

Everybody have a great weekend and be sure to listen to us during the Sunday morning church service that is aired on 11am central time.

That's it for now!
White Pride World Wide!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I didn't know you girls were on SF radio, I will make it a point to listen in.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. You are two very sick people.

Anonymous said...

You are a bunch of God Damn Morons.

NCKnight said...

Typical anti scum. Can't put together a cohesive argument, so you resort to childish insults and four-letter words. What a couple of buttheads.