Monday, January 28, 2008



Last thursday we all went to the office and did some work with our mom and some other volunteers there. We got some new merchandise in and I helped fill some orders, run the postage meter, and pick out some new t-shirt designs. For lunch we had tuna fish sandwiches and avocado with chips. I love tuna fish! I also love sardines. My grandma likes them too. Everybody else in my family thinks sardines are gross though. lol. But I don't.

Later after we went home we practiced our music. I played some of my favorite songs over and over. Shelby played the violin with me. I love it when she plays the violin. I think she is really good. We practiced the song "Precious Memories". I decided to do that song for church. It's a very pretty song! After we practiced for a while we had dinner.

Friday was fun as always. We did our exercise as usual in the morning, then did some school work. Then at like 10:00 we all went over to the office. I went up to the church at noon and got everything ready for doing a Global Minority Report radio show and a This is The Klan
Internet TV show. My mom and grandpa do both of those together. I enjoy listening to them speak. After they are done with both shows I run it off on a disk and take it back home to my dad where he puts it into the computer and formats it to whatever type he needs for different things. The This is The Klan show is on the Internet but is also taken and some people have it played on their towns TV station. I think that's cool!

Later that night Shelby and I went over to our grandma and grandpa's house and spent the night. We had enchiladas for dinner. Yum! I love Spanish food. Our uncle Jason came over Friday night with his son Caleb and ate dinner and watched a movie with us. After dinner we all went and had smores by the fire place. My grandpa got special marshmallows that are covered with coconut. We all ended up having a couple smores each and a glass of milk. Yummy. Then after we were all done and cleaned up the mess we watched a movie. It was called The Waitress. It wasn't very good. But you don't know until you watch it. I think it was funny that the girl at the movie gallery told us that it was a really funny movie. In reality the movie was very depressing and morally horrible. The main actress in the movie was having an affair with her doctor who was also married. Plus one of her friends was having an affair as well. The main actress later got pregnant but, hated the fact that she was going to have a child. I thought that was just horrible. Anyway it was morally a bad movie. After that Jason and Caleb went home. We went up stairs and went to sleep. My grandpa stayed up and worked on his sermon for another hour or two. He works a lot on the computer writing his sermons and speeches. Plus, he does a lot of bible study.

Saturday morning my grandma made a big breakfast. We had cinnimon rolls, beef sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, fried potatos and a glass of orange juice. After a really good breakfast we did some cleaning with our grandma. Later in the day my uncle Jason came over and I played my guitar with him on the song "Precious Memories". He plays the mandolin. I think it sounded really good. My grandma was in the kitchen making homemade potato salad for dinner. At about 5:00 we ate hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. After that Shelby and I went home and got dressed for dancing. We went to an Irish Kayley in Harrison with our uncle Jason and our grandpa and my little brother too. It was so much fun. Shelby danced a lot and I listened to the beautiful music. There were a lot of treats there to eat. I ate a brownie and some chips. After we had been there for about 30 minutes my other uncle and his wife came with their kids Alaina and Alex and they all joined in on the dancing. When we were done we went to our grandmas house and I got my guitar and took it back home. When we got back home I was really tired and I went to sleep.

Sunday morning we got all dressed up and ready for church then did a couple chores. At about 8:00 we went over to the church and Shelby practiced the piano songs for church and I got everything all set up for church. I also set up the laptops and got everything ready for going live on At 10:30 Jason came over to the church and Shelby,Jason and I practiced our song for church. At about 10 till Derek called me and we made sure that everything was working for us going live on stormfront. He is a super big help. I couldn't do it without him!
After church was all done and over we went to our grandmas house and had a sunday lunch. We had chicken, potatos, green beans, peas and salad. After we were done eating we went back home and got our bikes in the van. Then my mom, dad, Shelby, Andrew and I went to the lake and road our bikes. I don't liking riding bikes much so my dad road mine with Shelby and Andrew and I walked around. It was really muddy around the bridge. I got my shoes covered in mud. I almost got stuck once. lol. Well after that was all done we all went back home and had dinner. We had pita sandwiches and low carb tortilla chips. While we ate our dinner we all watched a movie called Stardust. It was a good movie except for the propaganda - that's in almost all movies - and the gay character in it. Anyway it was pretty good except for that. After that we sampled some peanut butter cookies with m&ms in them. My mom made a big batch for some friends who had a death in the family.

Well I think that covers everything that has happened recently. lol. Hope everybody had a great weekend! We sure did.

God Bless,



Hey. Don't i know you? lol. Its Dan. Anyhow, sounds like you had one fun week. I finally have a decent reason as to why i get to screw around and goof off all the time, (becuase my family is not a family, and we don't do crap together. lol.) Anyhow, i was bord and thought i would comment, and also check out my blog, it ain't much right now, but i just started it, so yeah.

anyhow, i'm out of here, i believe i have some food calling my name. lol. Also I'm just big boned. Sorry, i'll leave now.


Stanislav said...

Hi there,

sounds like you're doing great.

I've just received your CD 'Aryan Awakening' -- some very good songs you've produced.

I like them a lot... they contain both cheerful and sad mood.

Eternal Conflict is a bit despairing. I wish you stressed the strong and inspiring notes and lyrics in your songs, and energized the people uncompromisingly. A message that restates negatives does a bit of the opposite. Other than this little detail, you're doing great, and everyone is looking forward to seeing you do very well.

You're amazing! :)

Stanislav said...

Hi again,

I've been thinking, perhaps you girls should play something for the Great White Records: They're in Britain, and they're the music outfit of the British National Party ( The BNP champions Our Cause fearlessly, despite the political correctness in Britain being twice as harsh and crazy as in the US.

Anyways, I thought you should check them out. They're looking for talents now.

Kate said...
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ncknight said...

Kate, if you don't care for what the girls are saying, then why are you still here making negative remarks? Didn't your parents ever tell tou that if you can't say something good about someone or something, don't say anything at all?

Carrie said...

You love enchiladas?? Mexican food? OMG!!! If you were real white supremacists, you would stick to eating white food only.