Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Yesterday was Tuesday. On Tuesday we go to town with our Grandpa. We had our music lessons. I learned 3 more songs. Oh and I am learning some new chords. We have our violin, guitar, and mandolin lessons for an hour and a half. It's a lot of fun! Then later I had my drum lessons. I am doing pretty good on that, but the Guitar is still my favorite.

Later when we got home we had a reporter come and do a story on our band Heritage Connection. She was there for a good 3 hours. She was with Current TV - a national TV station on Direct TV and Dish. We sang Aryan Warrior, Free Christian People, Eternal Conflict, Dumb Boy, and Living Nightmare. Then after we sang some songs she interviewed us. We have been interviewed before but we were still a little nervous. Anyway all of that was really cool. When she has it all finished she will let us know so we can see it and when it will air.

Today was pretty much a normal day. We started out our day with exercise and then did some chores. We had a breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and toast. Yum. We wrote letters to some relatives as part of our "creative writing" home school class. Then Shelby, Andrew, and I went to our grandma and grandpa's house for lunch. After we were there for about 30 minutes we went back home. Oh, and they pretty much live across the street (dirt road). We did some more school work on line. Today we did math.

Later we went over to The Knights office and did some work there with our mom. We got some new camo hats in with cool patches. I help on the web site so in a few days we'll start putting the new hats on line for everyone to see. We have had some requests for Heritage Connection Tshirts and hats and will start looking for some cool designs.

As far as our progress on our second CD - it is coming along nicely! We have been rearranging lyrics on a few of the songs and still working on the music for the last song to be on our CD. We also did some brain storming about our cover art on the CD. It might involve a trip to the Arkansas Grand Canyon.

God Bless,

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Anonymous said...

Sweet CD! Love the sound. Look forward to more